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How To Improve The Coal Washing Process

Aug. 30, 2021

In the process of coal washing, improving coal washing process can ensure that coal washing can reduce the pollution caused to the environment as well as reduce the cost in the process of coal washing.


1.Strengthen the management of coal washing equipment

Generally, coal mining enterprises will leave the management of coal washing equipment to professional staff in the process of setting up coal washing equipment. If environmental pollution is caused in the process of coal washing, it is necessary to check the spacing between equipment, rotational speed and other parts in time. Coal mining enterprises should organize professional staff for training, to let specialized staff master reasonable operation methods, and to have certain standards for the control of water consumption of coal washing. To ensure that the device as a whole is always under the unified standard in the application process. The management of coal washing equipment is to better ensure the normal work of coal washing equipment and will not affect the coal washing process.

2. Improve coal washing methods

Nowadays, the coal washing methods are different because the coal types are different among coal mines. In the process of coal washing, it is necessary to ensure that coal washing does not cause pollution to the environment and also to reduce the cost of the coal washing process. In the process of coal washing, the coal washing method should be improved and optimized. Although the way of washing coal differs from one coal mine to another, the remaining impurities after washing coal should be effectively used in other aspects. For example, in the process of coal washing, some gangue can be used as construction materials. This can not only reduce the waste of resources, but also enhance environmental protection. Some dry washing processes in the coal washing process can be widely used to ensure better combustion of coal carbon. The chemical way of coal washing can also ensure the reuse of water and effectively reduce environmental pollution and resource waste.

3.Control the cost of coal washing

The process of coal washing should continuously reduce the cost, and the application of coal automation should be improved. Improve the management and control system of electromechanical equipment to reduce the existing problems. At the same time, strengthen the control for the whole coal washing process, and reduce unnecessary maintenance costs in the process of coal washing. Start from raw materials to continuously improve the process of coal washing and reduce the waste of raw materials. Effectively ensure the virtuous cycle of the whole production in the process of coal washing, and ensure the development of the ecological chain of coal industry.


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