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Failure And Maintenance Of Slurry Pump

Sep. 15, 2021

Slurry Pump

Many enterprise users reflect that the maintenance management of slurry pump is not perfect system. So how can we carry out scientific maintenance of slurry pump? In fact, during the operation of slurry pump, the following problems should be paid attention to in time.

1. Coupling clearance failure

Slurry pump in the process of operation, due to wear and tear of the balance plate, the rotor will move in the direction of the inlet side, resulting in a gap with the coupling. Therefore, the coupling clearance should be adjusted in time. As it will be affected by thermal expansion, usually, the coupling clearance can be adjusted to 2-3mm larger than the specified value.


2. Whether the bearings of slurry pump can operate normally

To see whether the bearing is normal, only two aspects: one is the oil temperature, not more than 60 ℃, the second is the sound, whether there is a strange sound, generally there will be an abnormal sound when there is damage to the parts.


3. Balancing device failure

If the balancing disk and the balancing ring in the balancing device are worn out, it will cause unevenness and make the balancing device malfunction. In this case, the groove in the device should be first taken to fill the welding process. Grind the pump casing, and add a piece of plastic with suitable thickness and softness at the combination of balance ring and pump casing. Make up for the defect of concave and convex. If the balance ring and balance plate are seriously worn out, they need to be replaced.


Slurry Pump

4. Whether the slurry pump has vibration

Pay more attention to observation, once you see the vibration, you will know where the problem is, so that you can get a timely solution. The reason usually slurry pump vibration is: the center pump and motor of the wrong installation; impeller or motor foot loose or not solid; bearing is not tight enough, not balanced rotor quality.


5. slurry pump whether there is leakage

The seal of slurry pump should be moderately tight, not too loose, and certainly not too tight. The packing should be able to drip slightly so that we can drain the heat and water. The packing used to seal should be replaced regularly, otherwise it will not be possible to have a sealing role after hardening.


6. Pump shaft failure

The pump shaft will drive the shaft sleeve to rotate in the process of rotation. If the pump shaft is bent or the bearing seat deviates from the pump shaft, it will cause the pump casing, shaft sleeve, seal ring and other parts to be worn. Increase the amount of vibration of the pump body, but also increase the axial thrust. Friction occurs between the balance disk and the balance seat, and the equipment fails. If the crack, wear and bending of the pump shaft is not serious, then the pump shaft can be repaired. If the bending degree of the pump shaft is greater than 0.06mm, the pump shaft should be corrected in time with a screw press to prevent failure.


In addition, slurry pump head, gearbox, clutch, including the cylinder, connecting rod and other parts, need to strengthen the management. Learn to listen to the sound shift, save trouble and easier to determine the fault.

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