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Why Do You Need A Coal Washing Machine?

Sep. 26, 2021

Coal Washing Machine

The coal washing machine occupies a small area, saves energy and water, and employs less people. The production cost is greatly reduced, and the recovery of coal slime is not wasted.


What is the role of the coal washing machine?

Raw coal is inevitably mixed with impurities in the process of generation, mining, and transportation. With the deepening of mining, the quality of raw coal is getting worse and worse. In order to reduce the impurities in the raw coal, make effective and reasonable use of coal resources, and at the same time divide the coal into various products according to quality and specifications, it is necessary to mechanically process the coal. These machines are generally called coal washing equipment. A coal washing machine is just one kind of washing equipment.


The benefits you can get

1. Improve coal utilization efficiency and save energy

Increasing the utilization rate through the coal washing machine and improving the quality of coal will significantly improve the efficiency of coal utilization. Some studies indicate:

The use of washed anthracite in the production of synthetic ammonia can save 20% of coal.

The ash content of coking coal is reduced by 1%, the coke consumption of iron-making is reduced by 2.66%, and the utilization factor of the iron-making blast furnace can be increased by 3.99%.

Industrial boilers and kilns are burned with washed coal, and the thermal efficiency can be increased by 3%~8%.

When the ash content of power generation coal increases by 1%, the calorific value will decrease by 200~360J/g, and the standard coal consumption per kilowatt-hour of electricity will increase by 2~5g.

2. Improve coal quality and reduce coal pollutant emissions

After the coal is washed by the coal washing machine, 50%-80% of ash and 30%-40% of total sulfur (or 60% to 80% of inorganic sulfur) in the coal can be removed. The use of washed coal can effectively reduce smoke and dust, Emissions of SO2 and NOx. Washing 100 million tons of thermal coal can generally reduce emissions of 600 to 700,000 tons of SO2 and remove 16Mt of gangue.

3. Reduce capacity waste

Since most of my country’s coal-producing areas are far away from economically developed areas with a lot of coal, the coal transportation volume is large and the transportation distance is long. The average coal transportation distance is about 600 kilometers. The coal is washed by a coal washing machine to remove a large number of impurities. Each time it is washed 100Mt of raw coal can save 9600Mt-km of transportation capacity.

4. Optimize product structure and improve product competitiveness

The development of coal washing machine washing coal is conducive to the transformation of coal products from a single structure, low quality to multiple varieties and high quality. The realization of high-quality products. There are many users of coal consumption in my country, and the requirements for coal quality and variety are constantly increasing. In some cities, coal sulfur content is required to be less than 0.5% and ash content is less than 10%. If coal preparation is not developed, it will not be able to meet market requirements.

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