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Vibrating Screen Installation and Operation

Jan. 11, 2022

A vibrating screen is a sort of filtering mechanical separation equipment which is most typically used in the strong mud treatment of the mining industry.

The vibrating screen is commonly used in mining, building materials, transport, power, chemical, etc. It is used for material classifying, washing, dewatering, and screening. In this article, you will certainly discover the installation and also debugging (test run) of the vibrating screen and also the operation skills to improve the screening efficiency, which will help you to be a specialist in the location of the vibrating screen.

Straight Linear Motion Vibrating Screen

Installation of Vibrating Screen

( 1) Install Supports or Hangers

The installation of each part will be accomplished in sequence in strict conformity with the illustrations of support or lifting, and also the actual strength noted on the completion face shall be matched before the installation of spring parts. The base of the shaker has to be flat and steady.

( 2) Installation of Screen Box

Link the screen box to the sustaining or hanging device, as well as change it according to the defined Inclination after installation. For hanging screens, the inclination angle of the screen box, as well as the degree of the primary shaft of the screen box, shall be readjusted at the same time.

( 3) Install Motor and also V-Belt

Throughout the installation, the base of the electric Motor will be leveled; the motor level shall be remedied, the centerline of the matching groove of both belt wheels shall be overlapped, as well as the tension of the triangular belt will be appropriate.

( 4) Install as well as Secure Screen Panel

( 5) Inspection After Installation

Inspect whether the feed chute, discharge chute as well as receptacle under the screen clash during operation.

Trial Run of Vibrating Screen

Test running time of the vibrating screen is greater than 8 hrs. Observe whether the vibrating screen begins smoothly as well as rapidly, whether the vibration and operation are stable, no special sound, as well as whether its amplitude fulfills the requirements.

When the vibrating screen is running, the vibration of the screen box must not create a horizontal pendulum. If the horizontal pendulum happens, the factor might be that the height difference between the springs on both sides is too large, the stress of the hanging cord rope is unequal, the rotation axis is not horizontal, or the triangular belt is as well tight.

Within 4 hrs of running, the bearing temperature increases slowly and then remains stable. The highest possible temperature does not exceed 75 ℃.

If there is abnormal noise or a sharp increase in bearing temperature after startup, quit right away, examine whether the shaft revolves flexibly and also whether the lubrication is good, and so on, as well as start once again after fixing.

After competing for 2 hrs, quit examining whether the connecting parts are loose or otherwise. If there is any loosening, wait on securing and afterward start.

If there is no fault after 8 hours of operation of the vibrating screen, the installation job can be checked and also approved.

Operation of Vibrating Screen

( 1) Operator shall read the obligation document and also execute the general examination of the equipment prior to working. Check the tension of the triangular belt, the oil degree in the vibrator, the stress of the screen surface, the attachment of the bolts as well as the damages of the screen surface area.

( 2) Start-up of the vibrating screen ought to comply with the process series.

( 3) When the vibrating screen is running, it is essential to examine the functioning problem of the vibration exciter as well as the screen box. The temperature rise of the bearing ought to be inspected after the vibrating screen is quit.

( 4) The shutdown of the vibrating screen should be in conformity with the process sequence. With the exception of special requirements, it is purely forbidden to continue feeding to the screen after stopping.

( 5) During the handover, the evaluation ought to be done well, as well as the problems should be recorded in time.

( 6) In order to stop crashes, assessors ought to maintain their distance.

Exactly How To Improve Screening Efficiency

The screening efficiency straight influences the vibrating screen manufacturing effectiveness, as well as the screening performance, can usually be enhanced by the following means:

Boost opening up price of screen plate

Readjust the feeding setting

Self-cleaning screen plate

Readjust vibrating screen inclination angle

Try wet screening

Adjust the weight

Control feeding wetness content

Added taken care of screen

Furthermore, affordable and also scientific installation, debugging as well as operation of the vibrating screen can properly boost the classification performance, lengthen vibrating screen service life and also lower the labor intensity of the operator.

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