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The Benefits of Vibrating Screens

Dec. 31, 2021

Vibrating Screen


Vibratory screens are one of the major kinds of industrial screening equipment. There are numerous mechanical screening solutions available across the strong waste administration, recycling, and aggregate industries; however, vibrating screens supply a variety of distinct advantages that make them a first-line choice for a large selection of industrial applications.


Continue reading to learn more about how vibrating screens work as well as the benefits they supply versus other typical types of screening equipment.


What Is A Vibrating Screen?


As the name implies, vibrating screen design is based upon the principle of transferring resonances to a screening surface in order to divide as well as classify different bits by size.


No matter the machine's design, the principle continues to be the very same: resonances break down the surface stress in between bits, subsequently forcing them to divide. Undersized fragments, called "fines", after that fail the screening surface. At the same time, extra-large bits are rollovered the screen surface. This is a crucial application in a multitude of industries, especially mineral processing.


Because of their one-of-a-kind design features, vibrating screens offer specific benefits over various other material processing equipment, consisting of:


  • Improved processing and material quality

  • Reduced operational costs

  • Less maintenance as well as downtime

  • Higher screening performance


We'll additionally information these benefits below.


Boosted Processing and also Material Quality


While specific screening equipment is much better suited for different materials, vibratory screens use a number of advantages in accumulation and mining materials processing. Vibrating screens are specifically fully equipped to fulfill the fineness requirements of these industries. Their design, which has the ability to create the force required to separate extra-large fragments from penalties, causes much easier recuperation of product-- also when handling a material that calls for dramatically smaller sized size separation. This brings about both higher yields as well as a total better top quality of the end product.


Reduced Operational Costs


Vibrating screens are known for their robust design. Due to the fact that the operating principle is fairly straightforward, and also the design of contemporary machines is structured, vibrating screens can generally be purchased for less than other sorts of screeners. This results in a reduced in advance investment.


Additionally, vibrating screens have the ability to run with reduced energy usage than extra complicated machinery, consequently conserving services money in ongoing operational costs. Finally, since higher frequency vibrations are transferred straight to the screening surface, just the screen media requires to be on a regular basis changed. This can help to reduce maintenance and repair prices usually presented by various other screening equipment choices.


Much Less Maintenance and Downtime


Maintenance and also downtime as a result of repair work or equipment failures can bring about a major loss in both performance and earnings. Lots of kinds of screens go through considerable wear and tear, especially popular applications like accumulation processing. Nonetheless, vibrating screens offer the advantage of much less maintenance and also downtime. This is an outcome of their design, which focuses around providing vibratory pressures just to the screening surface.


Additionally, top quality vibrating screening equipment is made and also manufactured to make sure that various other parts of the machine are minimally influenced by vibration forces. In more advanced designs, the machine is constructed to permit adequate absorption and also dampening of resonances beyond the screen media. This causes less moving parts as well as overall much less deterioration to the machine, more reducing both downtime as well as maintenance.


Greater Screening Efficiency


While there is a large range of screening equipment available on the market, vibrating screens offer a perfect choice when an operation needs a simple solution that can handle a higher feed flow. Actually, vibrating screens work most effectively with a regularly higher flow rate. For various other types of screening equipment, the exact same material throughput can cause screen blinding or a heartburn of materials that requires a slower feed.


Fengwang Vibrating Screen Solution


Established with one of the most demanding applications as well as difficult materials in mind, AEI is proud to offer the Fengwang vibratory screen. The Fengwang design features a special dual-vibratory, flip flow screening process that helps make sure procedures remain effective by removing obstructing and blinding of the screen openings to minimize maintenance, downtime, as well as drive efficiency.

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