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Coal preparation plant processing process

Jan. 10, 2022

What is Coal Preparation Plant

A coal preparation plant is a coal processing plant that includes a series of processes: raw coal screening, squashing, coal washing, separation, tidy coal dewatering as well as sludge recycling. Which can separate coal from contaminations, remove mineral impurities from raw coal and divide it into different specs of products.

The primary products of the coal prep work plant are clean coal, lump coal, and by-products such as tool coal and slime. Usually, coal prep work plants are separated right into:

Coking Coal Preparation Plant: It generates reduced clean ash coal for coking.

Vapor Coal Preparation Plant: It produces fuel to coal for thermal power generation, heavy steam locomotives, boilers, and also raw coal for the chemical industry.

Why is Coal Preparation Need

Raw coal is blended with numerous mineral pollutants in the formation process and inevitably mixed with rocks and other pollutants in the roofing system and flooring in the process of mining and transport. So the raw coal must be prepared, the primary function of coal prep work can be summed up as adheres to:

( 1) Get rid of impurities in run-of-mine coal, decrease ash and also sulfur, improve high coal quality and fulfill the requirements of users;

( 2) Separate coal right into different top quality and specs to meet the requirements of individuals, so regarding make effective as well as a sensible use of coal and also save cost;

( 3) After coal cleaning, gangue can be discarded right away, which can decrease void transportation as well as create conditions for extensive use of gangue;

( 4) Coal cleaning can eliminate a lot of the ash and 50%-- 70% pyrite sulfur and decrease the air pollution caused by coal burning. It is the property of clean coal technology.

Coal Prep Work Process

Crushing & Screening

A belt conveyor transfers raw coal to the squashing workshop. First, it is pre-evaluated by a circular vibrating screen with a sieve opening of 50 mm. +50 mm materials and added large gangue go into the crusher and are squashed to-- 50mm, then transported to the coal washing workshop along with -50 mm raw coal under the vibrating screen.

Jig Density Separation

In the coal cleaning workshop, the raw coal is dispersed to 2 raw coal buffers by scrape transporters, and two chain coal feeders are fed right into two jigs, respectively. Raw coal is separated into clean coal, tool coal, and gangue in the jigs.

After the medium coal and gangue are dewatered by the bucket elevator, they go into the medium coal and gangue shelter and then transported by the auto as the final products. The clean coal is rated and deleted by a linear vibrating screen with a sieve hole of 13mm, and also the coal under the screen gets in the pit for grading.

Tidy Coal Dewatering

The 13-0.5 mm clean coal in a pit is first dewatered by bucket elevator, second of all dewatered by centrifuge machine, and afterward carried to the tidy coal storage space lawn by belt conveyor as the final product along with the clean coal on the screen.


The overflow from the pit gets in the flotation feed swimming pool and is pumped to the pulp preprocessor via the slurry pump. After adding accessories streams into the flotation protection machine, the frothing representative and enthusiast are added to the pulp preprocessor and the coal scum water.

-0.5 mm sludge is separated into clean coal and tailings in the flotation machine. The flotation protection cleans coal streams into the flotation concentrate pool and is pumped to the clean coal filter press for dewatering. The dehydrated flotation protection clean coal is blended with jigging clean coal as the final product.

Tailings Concentration

Flotation tailings moves right into the tailings swimming pool of the concentrator workshop and are afterward pumped to the paste thickener, typically two paste thickeners are called for to wait for each other to ensure that when a mishap happens in the thickener, the slime water will certainly not be drained out.

Slime Management

The filter press dries out the bottom flow of the concentrator(thickener machine), and the filtered scum is moved to the outside of the coal prep work plant. The overflow of the concentrator and the filter's filtrate press circulation into the distributing swimming pool in the focus workshop pumped to the jig for recycling usage.

CRF Circulating Water

The water of the entire coal preparation plant needs to be recycled because the water price much in a wet coal prep work plant, Usually the repeated usage price of water needs to be greater than 90%, as well as the unit supplemental water amount is less than 0.15 m ³/ t (raw coal).

As the coal preparation plant is divided into dry prep work and wet prep work, the coal preparation processes with the jig and heavy tool cyclones typically need to use water as the separator medium, so it is likewise known as a coal washing plant. While the coal handling with air was splitting up, screen separation or manual separation, etc., without water is called a coal preparation plant or dry coal beneficiation.

Generally, all coal washing plants come from coal preparation plants.

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