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Circular Vibrating Screen Vs. Linear Vibrating Screen

Jan. 05, 2022

Linear Motion Vibrating Screen


As soon as you understand the basics of mechanical screening, the next step is choosing a vibrating screen based on the industry you're in as well as what materials you need to feed through the equipment. Between circular and also linear vibrating screens, you could find out one is entirely ideal for your special application while the various other would not assist. Given that the equipment calls for an investment and also introduces a new top quality level to your product line, you need to make every effort to select the ideal one from the beginning. Read more to find out key distinctions in between the two kinds.


Circular Vibrating Screens

While the functioning principles of the two sorts of vibrating screens are comparable, movement is the primary difference. Typically, circular vibrating screens are much more prominent, and also their movement cycle and also procedure is much more intricate. Several elements make this equipment function effectively:


  • Screen body

  • Screen mesh or sieve

  • Vibration resource

  • Base framework

  • Triangular belt

  • Electric motor

  • Vehicle driver eccentric


The driver eccentric relocations as a result of an electric motor. It rotates quickly via a triangle belt with a centrifugal pressure that boosts a screen to relocate circularly. The materials on the filter get the impulse to make sure that the filter offers a tossing movement on screening surfaces. The material becomes minimized in size as it passes through the screen mesh. The high angle of toss stops mesh blinding as well as permits optimal performance.


Considering that circular screeners is available in a number of versions, it can be used to screen wet, dry, rugged or fine particles, that makes it better to a broader series of applications. Several industries that count on screening from this machinery are mineral beneficiation plants, mining, food and plant food producers, coal preparation plants, steel mills as well as even more.


Linear Vibrating Screens

The primary difference with a linear vibrating screen is that its motion is linear. It makes use of a vibrating motor to toss materials in an upward and also ahead linear motion. These models typically run with twin-vibrating motors that function in a synchronized style as well as relocate the centrifugal pressure parallel to the motor access. Centrifugal as well as gravity pressure help throw the material in the instructions it moves, which successfully minimizes its size and grades it.


Linear vibrating screens are available in solitary or double deck types with sizes up to four meters large and 9 meters long. They're recognized for being tough, secure as well as straightforward to preserve. Typical applications consist of main and second classification, sizing, de-sliming, washing, dewatering and also hot-material screening, among others.


Fengwang for All Your Needs

Whether you choose linear or circular movement while selecting a vibrating screen, we've got you covered with high quality products at Fengwang. Our products have been relied on as well as re-ordered by leading firms around the globe over and over again. Discover why-- request a free quote now. If you have inquiries regarding how the vibratory screener or sieve process works with our equipment, submit our speak with an experienced form and a rep will aid you.

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